Bees voted most important living being on earth!

A passionate debate among a panel of international scientists over which endangered species is the most important the audience voted bees.

The annual event took place at the Royal Geographical Society in London.

Five scientists made the cases for five different endangered species, making arguments for why each are invaluable an irreplaceable cornerstones of various ecosystems. The species were bees, fungi, plankton, primates and bats.

While all are essential to keeping their respective ecosystems from collapsing, the potential extinction of bees was voted to be the most disastrous.

Without fungi most terrestrial plants on earth would die, as mycelium transports nutrients from the soil to the plants roots.

Plankton are the basis of the entire food web in the ocean.

Without bats crops like bananas, mangoes, dates and tequila would fail. They also save millions of dollars on pesticides by consuming so many insects.

Non-human primates are a keystone species in  maintains tropical and subtropical forests.

Still, bees were voted the most vital.

70% of crop species eaten by humans depend on bees. Organic horticulture is at the forefront for protecting bees. The Organic Street strives to help sustain bees for future generations. If you would like to help please contact us: with the subject “bees”.