Benefits of coffee grounds for your plants

  1. Enrich the soil: mixing coffee grounds with the soil may reduce the need of convecional compost, and even stop using it.
  2. Nitrogenate the soil: even tought this make us think of a chemical element, it comes to coffee grounds from the processing of coffee beans. That’s suitable to full the soil with nitrogen that’ll help the plants to grow, bloom and bear fruits.
  3. Feed the earthworms from the compost: You’ll get a richier organic compost if adding organic manure, fruits and vegetables  among other nutrients. Tiger worms love to eat coffee grounds. It’s enough to add some each week, taking care of not adding to much so the compost won’t acidify.
  4. Liquid fertilizer: mix the coffee grounds with water and let it fuse through the night. You’ll get a liquid fertilizer that can be applied directly on the stem and leaves with a sprayer.