COVID-19 and organic food

Can COVID-19 (coronavirus) be passed on through food?

Experience with SARS and MERS suggest that people are not infected with the virus through food. So, it is unlikely the virus is passed on through food and there is no evidence yet of this happening with COVID-19 (coronavirus) to date.

Remember to share your organic food with friends, family, colleagues and those in need in this challenging times.

It’s worth remembering that Coronaviruses need a host (animal or human) to grow in and cannot grow in food. Thorough cooking is expected to kill the virus because we know that a heat treatment of at least 30min at 60ºC is effective with SARS.

Read more information on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and food from the European Food Safety Authority.

Be safe and keep growing organic food! 🙂

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