Cucamelons – the alternative

Growing organic cucamelons is easy!

Start the seeds indoors 6 weeks before your last spring frost.

Sow the seed in 4-inch pots to give the plants a chance to develop a substantial root system before planting out and to minimize transplant shock. Once the risk of frost has passed, harden off the young plants and move them to the garden.

Cucamelons are a cute little fruit with paramount of personality. Originating from Mexico, cucamelons will produce masses of delivious fruit throughout the summer that taste like cucumber and lime. These tiny, grape size watermelon lookalikes are ignored by pests so make a great fruit to grow organically!

Heat, sun, and rich organic soil are the keys to growing success with cucamelons so pick a site with full sun and amend the soil with aged organic manure and rich organic compost with leafmould.

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