Cupcakes Blush!

Beautiful flower ideal for any garden! This newly available variety is the most delicate blush pink in colour. A true delight!
Grown for summer cut flowers and for their reliable bloom in hot and dry weather. Pinch out stem tips when plants are 1′ tall to help grow bushy, branching plants with lots of flowers. Start indoors for earlier bloom and sow direct for bloom in midsummer. Deadhead regularly and stake early in windy areas, as the branches are quite brittle and can snap off at the stem. Attracts numerous beneficial insects, making it a good addition to the borders of vegetable gardens too!

Available from The Organic Street.

Lifecycle: Annual

Hardiness: Half Hardy

Annual Colour: Light shell pinkSize: 3-4′ h x 2′ w

Season: Summer to FallSeed to Bloom: 8-12 weeks

Sun: Full sun

Soil: Organic rich manure, well-drained.

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