free seeds

Why we give free seed?

The organic food system is largely broken. Thirty years ago we knew where our food was coming from and we could recognise what we were putting on our tables. Today we are sowing seeds labelled “organic”, we are buying foods labelled “organic” in the supermarkets, we are being forced to pay fees and licenses to use the word “organic” and all we want is  for society to have the choice and for people of all communities to be able to grow organic food.

Send us photos! We’d love to share your story and inspire more people to grow their own organic food. Please send us photos of you with the seed pack in the space or promoting the goodness of The Organic Street and Organic horticulture. Please send us a before and after photo of the garden and any other photos you’d like! You can send them to:

Share food with your community. Let’s create a culture of sharing our own organic grown food with each other. 

Save some seed. If you let one or two of each plant go to seed, then you can turn one seed we supplied you into thousands! One tomato plant can yield hundreds of seeds. 

Teach someone. We are focused on helping everyone in the world grow organic food. Please subscribe to our Facebook Page to help us answer questions from 

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

Robert Louis Stevenson

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