Ginkgo Biloba?

Yes this tree is fundemental to all ‘health guru’ gardens! Every garden should have a specimen of this tree in a place of respect, it being perhaps the most ancient of existing flowering plants. As a species, it has survived more or less unchanged for 180 million years – by comparison, the Cactus family, for instance, has only evolved to its present state well within the last 100,000 years and Homo sapiens hasn’t been around much longer. Not without reason is it considered as a sacred tree in the East. It is perfectly hardy, tolerant of industrial areas and has beautiful fan-shaped leaves that turn clear yellow in autumn. One further point of interest is that the pollen grains produce motile sperm-cells, a feature found in only a very few of the flowering plants.

Lighting Conditions: Full Sun

Soil Type: Clay, Chalk, Sand, Loam

Soil Acidity: Alkaline, Neutral, Acid

Moisture: Well-drained

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