Grapefruit from seed?

Growing organic tropical fruit doesn’t always need to be complexed. Try growing grapefruit!
Grapefruit can be grafted from a tree or grown from seed. When grafting grapefruit and all varieties of citrus trees, the most important thing is to use budwood that comes from a tree that has been tested and shown free of disease.
Use organic horticultural methods.

Grapefruit being grown in The Organic Street garden.

If growing from seed:
Organic seed mix is best for the seeds – they will grow a strong root system. Seeds taken from ripe fruit perform best, so only collect seeds from organic grapefruits with a solid, pure gold skin with no hint of green at the ends.
Seed grown grapefruit can have drawbacks:
1) Delayed fruiting. Seed-grown grapefruit trees can take four to five years to flower or fruit. In extreme cases, flowering and fruiting can take up to 15 years.Shorter life span.
2) Grapefruit seedlings are often short-lived. Disease, cold and drought kill seedling more easily than grafted trees.
3) Strange fruit. Grapefruit seeds are polyembryonic which allows them to grow true to type. But mutations can create seedlings of varying quality. Plant more seeds than you plan to use so you can choose the strongest.
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