Maqui Berry

Research suggests that you can significantly improve your quality of life as you age disgracefully by eating Maqui Berries!

They can be grown organically at home with ease.

Maqui berries are packed with antioxidants! The antoixidants neutralise and prevent the formation of free radicals which damage body cells leading to disease and ageing.Vitamins C and E are the most common antioxidants found in these Maqui berries. Anthocyanin is one of the most powerful antioxidants to be found in berries and grapes. The body naturally creates these free radicals to combat bacteria and viruses, but, they can be formed by exposure to cigarette smoke, herbicides, pollution and radiation.

This small evergreen tree is native to the rainforests of Argentina and Chile, where the natives used to eat it to enhance their stamina and strength. As it is tender it is not normally grown in the UK, but there are a few specimens in frost free areas.

The tree requires well-drained organic soil and requires a sunny patch. Feed with organic rotted chicken manure.