Growing organic peppers is easy in any sunny, well-drained, organic environment and they are good candidates for roomy containers, too.

Peppers have a naturally upright growth habit, so they often benefit from staking, which keeps brittle branches from breaking when they become heavy with fruit.

Colourful peppers also make great additions to beds planted with flowers and other edible ornamentals, where they can easily serve as specimen plants. In beds or rows, the best spacing for most pepper plants is 19 to 26 inches apart

Peppers grow best in a soil with a pH between 6.2 and 7.0, although they can tolerate slightly alkaline conditions near 7.5. For in-ground gardens, mix several inches of organic compost or aged organic chicken manure which adds nitrogen while improving soil texture. A generous amount of organic matter helps the soil retain moisture, and moist soil is crucial for good pepper production.