Remember Buddleia

Buddleia davidii is called Butterfly Bush as it attract butterflies to the masses. With its purple, golden-eyed flowers full of fragrant glory looking their blooming-best in July, buddleia is undoubtedly Britain’s prettiest and most popular late-summer shrub.

The Buddleia davidii need pruning in february to keep the branches from snapping off. Pruning a Buddlea davidii, aka Butterfly Bush, must done to keep the plant looking good and flowering.

Importance of Buddleia daviddi?

No other plant is such a magnet to butterflies than Buddleia daviddi. On warm days, flocks of tortoiseshells, peacocks, red admirals and other species will feast to such excess that they become sleepy and stay put, even if you breathe on them. Species that hibernate need the food to help them through the coming winter.

Buddleia daviddi provide nectar and pollen to bees and other insects hich help feed your allotment, garden, farm, and garden. On a warm, still night, you’ll find as many moths feeding as there are butterflies by day.

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