The Garden Knight

Stag beetles eat dead wood. The most obvious problem for stag beetles is a significant loss of habitat. These marvelous big shielded knights are fundamental to the ecosystem and your garden!

All you need is an outdoor space and some wood and you can make your very own sanctuary for stag beetles. Here are our top tips:

1) Leave old stumps and deadwood alone. Female stags lay their eggs in rotting log piles and the roots of various rotten trees, including oak, apple, ash and cherry.

2) Leave fallen trees in large pieces in contact with the soil so that the wood remains moist and is able to rot.

3) Don’t remove tree stumps if you are cutting down a dead, unsafe tree.

4) Buy untreated woodchip and mulch which can also provide ideal habitat for females to lay their eggs in and a food supply for the larvae.
Build a log pile in your garden to ensure that there is a good supply of suitable dead wood nearby for females to lay their eggs in.