What is liverwort used for?

Liverwort is used for treating stomach and digestive tract discomfort, stimulating appetite, relieving sensation of fullness, regulating bowel function, and stimulating the pancreas. Some people use liverwort for treating varicose veins, lowering cholesterol, stimulating blood circulation, and “purifying” blood.

Leafy liverworts have leaves that are arranged in two or three rows while the leaves in mosses are spirally arranged. Thalloid liverworts, on the other hand, do not look anything like mosses. They do not have stems or leaves; instead their main body is flat, like a green pancake. Liverworts reproduce from spores, not seeds, and can reproduce asexually (without a combination of egg and sperm) as well as sexually. Thallose liverworts (ones that have lobes) have goblet-like structures for asexual reproduction. Inside each tiny cup are green, egg-shaped discs of tissue called gemmae

The Organic Street does not advise you to take liverwort – only giving information on what liverwort is used for. Always consult medical professionals before using or taking any substance.