A Wormery is a simple, clean and efficient way of turning ordinary organic kitchen waste into nutrient rich liquid plant feed and excellent organic compost. We recommend organic fruit and vegetables be used.

Essentially through the action of a colony of composting worms the waste is neutralised and quickly processed into organic compost. As raw fruit and vegetable waste in particular has a high water content so this concentrated nutrient rich liquid is released and drains into the Wormery sump or drainage tray as part of the process. So why waste your waste when it’s so easy to turn it into environmentally beneficial, cost saving and high quality feed for the garden with a Wormery?

We have a variety of wormeries available ranging from £10.00 to £200.00

Please contact us should you require any more information or advice about wormeries. Our email address is: hello@theorganicstreet.com

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss a quotation and the range of wormeries we have available please fill in the following form:

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