Zones 8-10

For those in the U.S.A – zones 8 to 10

Be aware of Rhizoctonia commonly known as Wire Stem Disease. The disease will target your cabbage, sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower.

To reduce risk of disease sow seeds indoors.

Rhizoctonia or Wire Stem Disease (fungus – Rhizoctonia solani): may appear at different stages of growth. A damping-off phase of the disease will cause young seedlings to die. After seedlings are older, they may be attacked but lesions seldom completely girdle the stems. The infected stems are somewhat smaller than normal and are tough and woody. Older plants can also be attached causing a head rot or a root rot. The causal agent is a common soilborne fungus that attacks many plants. Crop rotation and planting healthy transplants are the most effective means of control.